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From our Italian cuisine with 

100 Years Ago 
Lucky Restaurant Pizzeria was born

Born in the heart of Bregnano, the Lucky Restaurant has a history of culinary passion that dates back decades.  Today, Lucky continues to delight its guests with authentic Mediterranean flavors and a warm welcome, carrying on its culinary heritage with pride and dedication.

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The Passion for Culinary Excellence

At the Lucky Restaurant in Bregnano, the passion for good things is the engine that drives every culinary creation. Our choice of top quality ingredients is the fundamental basis for guaranteeing authentic and satisfying gastronomic experiences. We have always been committed to carefully selecting each element to offer our guests a culinary journey of Mediterranean taste and tradition, with heart and soul in every dish.


Creativity in traditional recipes

Pizza from Masters

Lucky Restaurant takes pizza very seriously, offering different dough variations to satisfy every palate. For years, they have chosen to use only type "1" flour for all preparations, avoiding "00" flour. Over time, they have enriched the offer with wholemeal and Kamut flour-based doughs, both from 100% organic and Italian agriculture. Furthermore, they have introduced the new Pinsa Romana, an innovative dough with different types of cereals and mother yeast, which, thanks to the long leavening, is very digestible and tasty.


Tradition and Creativity:
The essence of Lucky

Lucky Restaurant boasts a close-knit staff, with strong roots in Italian culinary excellence, which allows the chef to explore and present a wide range of regional Italian and Mediterranean recipes. Special and off-menu dishes are offered weekly, as well as creative reworkings that stimulate the chef's imagination. The menu ranges from classic dishes such as Tuscan ribollita and Valtellina pizzoccheri to international specialties such as fish & chips, Spanish paella and Calabrian 'nduja, as well as a selection of Piedmontese mixed boiled meats and a vast choice of fish dishes. The Lucky Restaurant offers its customers an exciting journey into the world of Italian flavours.

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